Social Media Marketing

Working with a local bricks-and-mortar store, we used Facebook and Instagram to showcase their seasonal products which led to customers visiting the store and buying the item(s) they saw online. They’d point to their smart phones and say “I want this!” We also keep an eye on Facebook messages from customers and pass them along to the business owner if necessary.


A team of writers designed a unique gift which they wanted to mail to their clients. They needed custom packaging to protect the gift in transit and present it beautifully. We did some research and obtained three price quotes for the foam packaging, we worked with the supplier and ensured the packaging met specifications and was delivered on time. We also researched mailing costs and setup and maintained the online project plan, so everyone could see the project status.

Content Writing

We wrote a short poem about a local restaurant’s much-loved dessert, using informal words that resonated with their customers.


A health food company wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors, our give their business a unique brand image.

Project Management

We setup and populated a CRM (contacts database). This involved evaluating and selecting the best value CRM system, exporting contacts from multiple cell phones into the CRM, cleaning up the data and updating the contact records.